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Twilight Luminary

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Product Information

Color: Gray/White
Dimension: 7 x 2 x 2 in
Weight: 13 oz
Power Source: USB Charging Battery 
Structure: Multifunction Lamp
Controller: Button Control
Features: Behold, Twilight Luminary lantern of legends, a marvel of both power and versatility, destined for the wilds of the great outdoors. Let's dance through its features with a sprinkle of humor and a dash of charm.
[Majestic 10,000mAh Battery]: This lantern boasts a battery so robust, it's like Hercules of the camping world. It'll keep your camp illuminated for an astonishing hours on a single charge. Even Zeus would be envious. For the casual campers, that's a solid weekend of light. Recharge? A mere 6 hours, quicker than a squirrel snatching a nut.
[Supernova Brightness & Dimming Magic]: With a twist of the knob, this lantern morphs from a gentle glow (a wink to your cozy moments) to a dazzling 720 lumens of brilliance. It's like having a sun in your tent, minus the heat and gravity issues.
[Trippy Light Colors]: With light colors ranging from the warm embrace of 1800K (perfect for a dreamy sleep), to the cool and collected 4500K (for your night hikes), to the radiant 6000K (illuminating your tent like a star on the stage).
[The Waterproof Wonder]: Rain? Splash? This lantern scoffs at such puny challenges. It's as waterproof as a determined duck and as adventurous as a pirate on the high seas. Use it indoors, outdoors, during storms, BBQ feasts, or even for some car tinkering.
[Compact & Feather-light]: This lantern is like a gymnast among lights, compact and light as a feather. It slips into your backpack with the ease of a whisper. Plus, it comes with its own hook – hang it in your tent, and voilà! Instant starlight.
[The Flash & SOS Show]: Not just a lantern, it moonlights as a flashlight, revealing mysteries in the dark. Push the top button, and it transforms into SOS mode, flashing red like a glamorous warning beacon in a Hollywood thriller.
So, there you have it, your trusty sidekick for all things outdoorsy, ready to make your camping escapades as bright and magical as a fairy tale.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Maye Homenick

Good compact lantern. Very satisfied with product.

Gabriel Gaillard

My outdoor companion.

Aliza Lebsack

Great Lantern shines brightly. Thank you very much

Elisa Faure

Best for camping.

Camille Leroy

Thank you to the seller for the attentive packaging and the endless delivery. The cargo arrived in Chicago in 10 days. The material quality is impeccable, I like it very nice lighting. Suitable for camping .. I like it very much ..



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